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Using Tally Table to Remove Invalid XML Characters

A couple of weeks ago, I was called in to troubleshoot an error occurring in a SQL stored procedure. The procedure was selecting a variety of information out as XML data. The error occurred because on of the columns being … Continue reading

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Using SQL to Mege Three Incomplete Data Sets

You can join data sets. LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, even OUTER APPLY. There’s nothing to learn here. Last week, I had what seemed to be a simple join of three data sets. My permutation was a lot more complicated than … Continue reading

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Putting the Annoying Ahead of the Code

For the past couple of months, most of my work has been in that last, most overlooked arc of the development life cycle: maintenance. Specifically, I’ve spent a lot of time diagnosing problems, tracking down their origins in the code, … Continue reading

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Applescript Calling Shellscript to run Software that Calls Other Software – A Path Odessey

Since my previous adventure with Applescript, I made a few tweaks, and then I got hung up on a bigger problem. I did a lot of googling, and while I found cases of my problem, I never found an answer … Continue reading

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