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Vigenere By SQL

After that previous post, I suppose it was natural for me to wonder what it would take to apply Vigenere cypher logic using T-SQL. I knew right off that the code would look much different. Mainly, because my self-imposed rule … Continue reading

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Coding Vigenere Cyphers

Recently, I rewatched The Prestige, the very good Christopher Nolan move where Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play rival magicians in the late 1800s. Jackman’s character has an old journal, written in cypher text that he slowly and meticulously needs … Continue reading

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SQL For Fun: Parsing the iTunes XML

What happens if one part of your personality is data-parsing nerd and another part is music lover nerd? You end up trying to answer questions like, “Which songs did I have rated with 4 stars last year that are lower … Continue reading

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Using Tally Table to Remove Invalid XML Characters

A couple of weeks ago, I was called in to troubleshoot an error occurring in a SQL stored procedure. The procedure was selecting a variety of information out as XML data. The error occurred because on of the columns being … Continue reading

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Using SQL to Mege Three Incomplete Data Sets

You can join data sets. LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, even OUTER APPLY. There’s nothing to learn here. Last week, I had what seemed to be a simple join of three data sets. My permutation was a lot more complicated than … Continue reading

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Find DTS and FTP Job Steps From msdb

I started a new full-time contract this month, which is always weird. Not having a full understanding of the project, access rights roadblocks, and unfamiliarity with the code base all team up to make days feel long and unproductive. One … Continue reading

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Logical Tests Using OR in Crystal Reports

Consider these two formulas in Crystal Reports:


[/crayon] One would think that these two should behave the same, right? In fact, the results are different if Table.Value is null. In the first case, “if isnull({Table.Value}) gets evaluated first. Since … Continue reading

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Update Across Joined Tables in MySQL

I had to do a MySQL update on records that were retrieved from a two-table join today. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that I needed a different syntax than I know from MS SQL, where I would write, … Continue reading

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Take Control of Mac File Paths

Since I added a Mac to my repertoire of workstations, I’m getting better and better about finding quick and easy ways to get around. Sooner or later, I’ll be just as efficient on my Mac as I am on my … Continue reading

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Easy Foreign Key Drop and Restore for SQL Server

From time to time, we’ve all had a database query to run that was stymied by foreign key constraints. In my case, it was a request to restore a table’s values from one copy of the system to another. We … Continue reading

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